Smartphone is More Often used by Students for Study [Research]

Research: Students Studying in Smartphones More OftenAccording to a recent study of the site StudyBlue, students with access to smartphones study material for their lessons around 40 minutes more per week than students without access to a smartphoneThis percentage was calculated from the combined data from nearly one million users StudyBlue for the Fall 2011 semester. 

Students are more likely to use the smartphone for study during commuting or school or work. Approximately half the students use the application for the study when they go to sleep or just wake up and when standing in queues. 19% use a smartphone for the study in the bathroom and a 17% for study when exercise. Although this study found no correlation with higher scores due to increases in reading time, students who use study for mobile devices three times more likely to keep track of grades in the exams and assignments.

The study also found that students with smartphones are less likely to stay up to prepare for an exam, and proved that they are studying between 6-8 pm. However, when students use smartphones for the study, approximately 40% of periods of study interrupted some form of break to use other phone functions. The most common activity at break are sending text messages to friends and relatives, while other popular activities include reading and replying to e-mail, search information to the browser Web, calls, listening to music and physical inspection of the profiles on social networks. The StudyBlue also plans to launch a version for the iPad application in the future.

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