Apple Expects to Sell More than 60 Million iPad 3

Apple Expects to Sell More than 60 Million iPad 3

According to recent information, the Korean companies LG and Samsung received a large order for the production of display type Retina. The total number of screens in the order of 65 million, and the customer is the company Apple. Neither Apple, nor even LG or Samsung does not tell why Apple Empire urgently needed is the number of displays. It is a model with a resolution of 264 pixels per inch (PPI), that is, about displays with improved image clarity.

According to rumors, all the new screens will be installed in the Tablet PC Apple iPad third generation, which should be announced next month. Apple, of course, does not comment on these speculations, traditionally maintaining suspense. Western analysts are asking – if it really revolves around three iPad, why Korean screens produce? LG and Samsung had not previously figured in the list of suppliers of Apple, in fact, have information about the Apple contract with the Japanese company Sharp – supposedly, it was she was supposed to start producing displays Retina.

But guessing is not worth it to wait for an official response Apple. However, if the screens are designed for the new “apple” tablet, Apple aiming for significant growth in sales of its handheld computers. According to its financial report, in 2011, it sold about 41 million tablets iPad, and iPad 2, and this year it seems, wants to take the 60 millionth bar.

Statistics show that an increase in sales is quite possible Apple tablet, as in 2011 the demand for them was significantly higher than in 2010. Out of the mysterious iPad 3, which is not otherwise say in advance as the most perfect tablet computer, only potential customers to foster an acquisition device with apple on the case. Portal Electronista reminds that the display in the iPad 3 will support the resolution 2048×1536 pixels, and will stand inside the processor A6. There are also rumors about the presence of cellular networks to support the fourth generation.


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