The New iPad 3 to Present On 7th March This Year

The New iPad 3 to Present On 7th March This Year

As happened last year, February has been a month of tense calm in the Apple world. Suddenly, the leaks start of new parts , features, and a spate of rumors about a new device from Apple. But that all began to make sense, “large sources” of U.S. on the world Apple had to agree on a date. And so it was: MacRumors has just released the next March 7 , Apple will offer an exclusive event to present the new iPad 3 . Minutes later, from The Loop, someone as solvent as Jim Dalrymple confirmed the same date. It all starts to add up.

If you recall, last year was almost over the month when we began to know when would be the next Apple event, unveiled on that occasion by All Things Digital , which matched the full date for submission of the iPad 2 . Personally, I bet that on this occasion the date of presentation is very close.

The features, which all assume: Screen retina ( some waited in the iPad 2 ) and quad-core processor, among other surprises. It will be the first presentation of hardware products from the death of Steve Jobs last October, and a special moment as it was Jobs himself who presented the current iPad 2 ( to the surprise of all who were living the keynote ). As always, Apple would not send the invitations to the press until a week before the chosen day , so we can not know if the date is correct at least until February 29. Meanwhile, we turn to Defcom 3 .

More information | MacRumors , The Loop


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