New Apple Product Ideas for 2012 – iPhone SJ,iBox and iCam – (Concept Video)

New Apple Product Ideas for 2012 - iPhone SJ,iBox,iCam (Concept Video)

The design company ADR Studio is once again in front of cool ideas for new Apple products – this time we see next to the famous Apple iPhone SJ addition to Apple and the Apple iBox iCam.



Maybe Apple does indeed have one or another idea on this? In any case, we see some interesting new concepts for Apple products in a short video.

The three products presented here are of course purely fictitious and do not really exist. Nevertheless – the designer Antonio de Rosa once again shows his love for Apple products – and that it is not the case with the half-eaten apple releases. The following products are on display:

  • Apple iPhone SJ – could be the new iPhone.
  • Apple iBox – iBox is probably a cross between Apple TV and iPad are. One should directly enjoy movies on the iBox, the iBox addition it also brings about Siri and touch gestures on the existing TV
  • Apple iCam – logical conclusion: a camera from Apple!
Thanks RedmondPie for Study Material and and Images. 


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