Microsoft Research: Men and Women Want Different

Research Microsoft: Men and Women Want DifferentMicrosoft has conducted an interesting study, thanks to which it became known that men and women have different approaches to the selection and use of mobile phones.

For example, choosing a cell phone, the man places more emphasis on its functional characteristics, rather than appearance. In women, the opposite is true – they are more concerned about how it will look like. Men prefer cell phones in black, metallic and blue, women also enjoy more brilliant colors – pink, red, etc.

Very often it turns out that men and women love my phone more than their halves. Even when you are together, they give the mobile phone is still more attention: about a third of all respondents admitted that safely download games to your phone or sends an SMS-message during a conversation with a loved one.

As for the duration of the calls on his mobile phone, then, strangely enough, men talking on the phone more than women. At arm’s cell phone is a man of about 17 hours a day. 18% of boys admitted to going to bed, put a cell next to him.

In women, the situation is better: Mobile is next to them for 15 hours a day, and sleep next to a cell phone about 16% of respondents.

27% of respondents in anticipation of a new message or a call is constantly keeping an eye on the screens of their phones during dinner at a restaurant or watching a movie at the cinema. And 90% of respondents always answers the phone, regardless of location: in the company of friends at the museum, theater, etc.

Psychologists believe that such a dependence on their mobile phones have a negative impact on social life.


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