Windows Phone 8, the First Details

Windows Phone 8, the first details

With an anticipation pocketnow (based on a video shot by Joe Belfiore for some partners Nokia) and subsequent confirmation by Paul Thurrott, you can learn a preview of what will some of the key features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 . The operating system is expected in the last quarter of the year and at that stage will come up against a new generation of Android, the iPhone 5 against and against skepticism in the meantime the operating system from Redmond would have tried to shake off.

Phone Windows 8 will first form-factor very different than today, opening to a wider range of opportunities from manufacturers with 4 new screen resolutions and greater flexibility in hardware requirements. A key element will be holding a stretch of DNA in common with Windows 8, which will open the range of compatibility and will also allow developers to work on developing a smaller app for the production of two different sizes of the Microsoft world. The new version is called ” Apollo “and is a very important step forward for an OS release now standing at 7.5” Mango “.

The list of details that emerged at this time is long and varied:

  • The project Date Smart , already presented to Windows 8, WP8 will be extended to allow for more intelligent management of traffic and connections. The objective is to assist the users in the management of data traffic, avoiding high costs and diseconomies able to affect heavily on its own bill;
  • Applications can communicate with each other , thus opening an entirely new set of opportunities for developers in the world;
  • The browser will be included in Internet Explorer Mobile 10 , and will build on an ad hoc management of data traffic, using servers in the group to compress the flow and speed up the transfer (in a manner very similar to that shown by Amazon with Kindle or Fire with your browser from Opera);
  • By the kernel to support multi-core processors, models security technologies for graphics: the elements in common with Windows 8 are different and what may be an important competitive advantage for developers who intend to act on both platforms.
  • A new system of Sync will allow for easier management of the various screens available (from the desktop to the TV, mobile phone to the tablet), allowing a synchronization WP8 on-the-air without the need to move to Zune;
  • SkyDrive will be the heart cloud of the world Microsoft and possible in particular to the terminals WP8 of always being updated and to have available a large number of resources through the cloud making available by the group;
  • Skype will deliver a greatly improved, but will once again be installed as an external app: integration is not a standard, short, and Microsoft will therefore continue to keep Skype as an element separate from the operating system;
  • The availability of chips NFC will allow you to use your smartphone as a virtual wallet can make payments using Near Field Communication technology (now unsupported);
  • Enhanced management of the camera , thereby improving the experience of shooting (surely essential element of terminals such as Nokia Windows Phone with Carl Zeiss lenses and always brought excellence from this point of view);
  • A variety of encryption and security technologies to make the terminal more business-oriented

According to what transpired at the time of the launch of the marketplace group will have approximately 100 000 applications. Paul Thurrott says it had a duty to disclose on a host of other innovations, which clearly delineates the size of the forecast. But there is still time for everything: Phone Windows 8 will not be on the market before the end of this year.

Source: Paul Thurrott
Via Pocket Now

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