Galaxy’s New Samsung Phone:Some Leaked Information

Galaxy's New Samsung Phone Some Leaked InformationsThis week, a series of new products phone Galaxy series of Samsung is mentioned, including Samsung Galaxy S Note, Galaxy S II Plus and especially the Galaxy S III . 

Time the launch of the Galaxy S III is mentioned again in the spring, and Turkey will be the first market to be distributed on 13 / 3. Timeline is quite consistent with the conference schedule mobile world the 2,012th ( MWC 2,012 ), will be held in Spain this month.

No new information was revealed about the configuration, so that we can be confident with what is known about the hardware of the Galaxy S III: quad core CPU from 1.5GHz – 2GHz, 2GB RAM, HD screen , 12MP camera and Android 4.0 preinstalled. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S Plus II is a buffer upgrade steps, similar to what Samsung has done with the product Galaxy S. Regarding configuration, Galaxy S Plus II can be upgraded CPU clock to 1.4GHz dual-core, high-resolution screen than the interface TouchWiz new and Ice Cream Sandwich default. 

Finally, Note S Galaxy, thought to be an upgraded version of the Galaxy Note the operating system and possibly a new CPU. Samsung is investing millions of dollars to campaign in rugby league Super Bowl America, and will not be too surprised if the Galaxy Note S appears on the screen of the stadium tournament.

Source: SlashGear


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