Apple has Proposed Some Possible Changes to Samsung Smartphones

Apple has Proposed Some Possible Changes to Samsung SmartphonesApple has proposed some possible changes to Samsung smartphones and tablets to be made in order not to infringe the patents of Cupertino.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues unabated, with constant exchanges of accusations from both sides and attempts to block the advance of competing devices. In the last hours showed, however, a particularly interesting: In the documents submitted by the Cupertino company to prove the guilt of the Asian giant. In fact, there would be not only the charges and violations of the demonstrations, but also possible solutions to solve them.

The documentation provided by Apple would have been so enriched by the legal firm of a series of features that Samsung might apply to their own devices to ensure that they do not prove to be too similar in terms of design and functionality to those characterized by the mark of bitten apple. The objective of this choice is to discredit the theorem proposed by the Asian Legal for certain features that are there alternative solutions to those adopted and that therefore some characteristic features of smart phones by Samsung appear to be somewhat forced.

The suggestions offered by Apple’s concern is that the mobile telephony segment tablet, with possible changes to be applied to make the products less similar to Samsung’s iPhone and iPad. for example for the iPhone, Apple’s design suggests a different color from Black, non-rounded corners and a non-rectangular shape, a display is not centered on the front or at least not accompanied by the side edges, no slots for speakers placed horizontally and a front design with a few more characteristic.

Such suggestions, together with a profile less subtle and details are slightly different from those that characterize the iPad, appear in the list of possible amendments to the Galaxy Tab.

It seems that the Changes may already have been made to the tablet by Samsung, which saw being born in recent weeks a new edition devoted exclusively to the German market, where it is currently banned by following a decision of the judges. 

This could therefore be the first step towards a rapprochement between the parties, but when Apple does not seem to be fulfilled: Samsung will therefore show more commitment in this regard to please the lawyers in Cupertino, or continue an exhausting legal battle.

Source: The Verge 

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