Google Could Launch Its Own Currency

Google Could Launch Its Own Currency

Today closes in Barcelona has once again been one of the largest technology fairs worldwide: the Mobile World Congress. It showed new terminals, proposals concerning software such as Windows 8, or talked about business ideas, which for example was Eric Schmidt, chairman or president of Google, who gave out the current situation in the tech world and the Internet. It has also said something very important: that Google is considering launching its own digital currency .

In fact, if the project has not been carried out yet and Schmidt said that is an idea that emerged is because of the immense bureaucratic level work and tax that would have to make the company, an effort which have passed such Bitcoin coins, which was ratified as a means to fully valid TransferWise known this week, a tool that focuses on the currency, has had a traffic of up to 10 million € for a single year of existence.

This is the first confirmation of something that has long rumored, and might be more advanced than we, but the chairman of Google insist that although they had thought about it there is nothing. For now, Google continues to insist on Google Wallet, a digital payment service suffered some controversy a few weeks ago when hacking your application in Android and showed that the 4-digit numeric PIN was crackeable at any terminal rooteado , ie virtually any Android phone.

Will Google ahead with your idea? At the moment the biggest problem seems precisely to the credibility, not only for users who adopt the new currency, but for governments, since one of the biggest problems has been Bitcoin, P2P currency , is that many of branded be too simple a method to launder money, why is banned in many countries.


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