Google Docs for Android Supports Real-Time Editing

Google Docs for Android is Updated Real-Time Editing

Some time ago I set aside the desktop office suites and just use Google Docs in my day to day.My little experiment was not the expected result and had to undo my decision but one of the things I miss most in almost any other document editing software is the collaborative aspect is magnificent Docs. And if one of the strengths in the web version now just make the leap to Android with an update of Docs for Android that supports editing together between various users are on the device they are.

It does not seem to work remotely, even if the device is an Android tablet, is the ideal solution for desktop and exclude a physical keyboard. But to review some changes, edit a single paragraph or just see how it advances the development of a document, this latest update gives extra functionality rather interesting. The edition by each user is marked in a different color next to the name as shown in the video including the selection of text by a user appears all underlined with the corresponding color.

At the same time has added support for rich text with bullets, fonts of different colors and bold or italic. It is the ultimate solution, but of course if a nice complement to the web version, the interface has been redesigned slightly for easier editing and viewing documents, which can now be viewed full screen can be increased or paragraph by paragraph.

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