Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

When working in web development and design, typically use several browsers to see the sites and applications we develop are fully compatible with each other, both in appearance and functionality.

Most browsers come with built-in tools that allow analysis of different ways to track events while navigating a site and possible errors very precisely to give timely, as is the case ofdeveloper tools in Google Chrome Web Console in Firefox and Opera Dragonfly in Opera browser. However, thanks to extensions , we are able to extend the capabilities of these powerful tools and even add some others that do not have.

It is also true that everyone has a favorite browser to work, in my case is Google Chrome for its speed and make more efficient use of memory than its competitors, but especially for its rapid adoption by users.

Although only discuss extensions for Chrome, many of these are available for other browsers , so you can enjoy if your default browser is another.

  • Web Developer : A Firefox extension originally written for, is perhaps one of the most popular among developers and also has a version for Google Chrome. Web Developer adds an icon at the top of the browser interface, which in turn lets us see a menu tomanipulate multiple options on the site that have opened. Alter the appearance of the page, change the operation of forms, extract images from the site, validate HTML and CSS are just some of the nearly 100 options we can find. It is a fairly complete and indispensable extension.
  • PHP Code Editor : Excellent tool for creating and editing PHP code . This editor is integrated into the interface and its features Chrome offers: validation and autocompletion of code, highlighting reserved words, FTP access, support for multiple documents via tabs, among others.
  • Validity : This extension provides a simple way to validate the HTML code of our pages. When installed, we will see a new icon in the browser address bar, just click on it to begin the validation process at the end, we can see as a tooltip the number of errors found and for a full report, open the error console that is integrated into the browser. The default is working with the W3C validator, but you can change the configuration.
  • Window Resizer : Very useful for designers and developers. With Window Resizer cansimulate multiple screen resolutions without leaving the browser, so you can get an idea of how you see our website at different screen sizes. It comes with the resolutions used by default, but offers the ability to add new according to our needs.
  • Pendule : Much like the Web Developer extension, but unlike this, Pendule allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for the main functions and modify the sources we use to validate the code of our sites, also consumes less memory.
  • Firebug Lite for Google Chrome is my favorite extension, their usefulness lies in the possibility it offers us to inspect and edit specific portions of code that makes up a page. To perform code editing, we can see the changes automatically on the site, so we can make several adjustments before fully implementing them. Through the icon that is installed at the top right of the screen, you can disable it easily when we are not working and avoid consuming extra resources.

Although I refer only to the six that I think meet as many features, there is a lot of extensions that can combine to make it much easier and faster to our work do you know any others?

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