Microsoft Announced the Consumer Version of Windows 8 – Download

Microsoft Announced the Consumer Version of Windows 8

It’s been a while, to be exact in September last year, Microsoft announced the developer release of Windows 8 and now in the MWC , which is finally presented to consumers can be downloaded free of charge, in Right now in versions for 32 and 64 bit and in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Steven Sinofsky , president of the Windows Division, was on hand to announce all major developments. As said, which aims to Microsoft with this new version of Windows is not committed to your PC . What does this mean? That will be scalable and because of that, there will be versions for tablets, smartphones. What we try to do is, apparently, to generate a much larger communication such as exists at present in the ecosystem of IOS.


One of the most important details is the scalability . In this way Microsoft wants Windows 8 to communicate between multiple devices. This, combined with good synchronization between applications, allow full communication between yoursmartphone and your tablet . This way is very close to points where the industry today: independence. No matter where you are, your information with us everywhere.

As we were seeing in the videos that were presented-and left-filtering in recent times, the whole operation was sismtea significantly redesigned making it one of the most important that had Windows since its inception. The bet here is rather large. There were over 100 thousand changes. The redesign was so important that even the famous start button disappear in Windows 8. From now on will appear from the side of the screen when we were we indicate with our fingers.

Metro Interface

In the live performance that brought forward Julie Larson-Green was able to see Metro interface in action. The icons disappear and now what’s in place are rectangles that have information in them. This is also scalable and will look good on different screen resolutions.

Xbox Live Games , we already know Windows Phone 7, is another important characteristics stated. come preinstalled with the operating system demonstrating the communication between you want to generate Microsoft gadgets . You can see sections of Video, Games, or “People”, where your contacts are and where they will receive updates from your social networks.

Windows 8 in PCs

Antoine Leblond is responsible for presenting how everything will work when there is a touch screen involved, ie, when installed on our PCs . To move between the main interface can use the scroll Metro apart from the keys Page Up and Page Down.

When you move the mouse to the bottom left where formerly was the home button, take the user directly to the home screen interface Metro. View the desktop screen without the start button is really funny and it probably cost you used to. Having gone what happened to be is something of a starting area and that we add hot corners (left to see the overview to select the right column above for tools and applications that are running).

Synchronization, and execution cloud

Larson-Green showed that the bookmarks synchronized between all devices with Windows 8 and preferences and one of the most striking features is the integration it has with SkyDrive . On the other hand, there’s something very reminiscent of Spotlight .From there, as well as OS X, you can search applications you have installed.

Something remarkable to bear in mind is that for Windows 8 is in beta, all applications will be completely free. PuzzleTouch, Air Soccer, Pew Pew, FlipSaw, SigFig, Weather Elements are the first independent apps available.

Sinofsky finally closed with the most important of those who spoke at the launch at MWC and they have to pay attention in relation to Windows 8:

  • Attractive, fast and fluid
  • It is an unprecedented opportunity for developers
  • Scalability between screens. Critical applications like calendar, email, SkyDrive, and more are integrated from the start
  • Interconnect applications, and between devices
  • Share information with social networks from almost anywhere in the system
  • The cloud

Windows 8 on ARM

The interesting thing is that applications with ARM processors, ie chips created especially for mobile devices work exactly the same because, thanks to its scalability, are exactly the same. Connectivity with peripherals is also that with a PC, but obviously with the advantages of portability and connectivity of a tablet.


Mike Angulo is in charge of talking about Windows 8 in relation to ultrabooks which we know will be one of the strongest technology trends that will hit during 2012, at least that’s what we could see what was allowed to see the different companies at CES.

You could see a laptop that, besides being laptop also has a touchscreen and keyboard can be folded to make it a tablet. It’s something that attracts attention but we know that such devices are not tested until you never know if it really worth it. Often end up being something completely uncomfortable.

Hardware specifications

One of the most important things is what are the characteristics of hardware that uses Windows 8. The announced and are these:

  • A 1Ghz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB of storage for 32-bit and 64-20GB
  • DirectX 9 graphics with WDDM support and

The truth is, for what are now computers, not too much to ask 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor. So do not be a problem for almost-no.

In short

The thing to note here is that Microsoft, which he did mainly was concerned about making their environment functioned correctly on any platform and any environment.This way we can use Windows 8 for work or for leisure our homes and both on the street, public transport or lying on our bed enjoying our laptop.

It remains to try and see how it really works in day to day, but the intention is very interesting and completely changes the way that Microsoft has been playing in their environments . Today one thing is its mobile operating system and quite another is the desktop. This would change a lot and from now on you can see a merger between the two much bigger.

To understand exactly what they want to do no more than read the next sentence he said Sinofsky on stage:

If you have a touch screen, keyboard and mouse on one computer will be able to wear whatever they want whenever they want and switch between them another at will. 

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