Google Has Introduced a Range of Innovations in its Search Engine

Google Has Introduced a Range of Innovations in its Search Engine

Google has introduced a range of innovations in its search engine , by acting on multiple levels to improve the user experience on their pages (central and fundamental core business of the company, the entire central business hub of Mountain View).

The novelties improve so much the speed as the impact with the functions of autocomplete, by acting on a multiplicity of aspects. This is an intervention that Google operates regularly in your engine, and has recently started to make more transparent to users explaining how and what the final touches are made. In so doing Google responds to those who doubt the nebulosity of the engine instruments (basic rules for how traffic is moving online) and offers guidance on how to SEO to work to improve the impact of the pages with the search user.

Two elements emerge with greater impact. First you notice the speech made to Panda , and it does not change the algorithm itself (change itself would be minimal), but rather greater integration with the complexity of the search engine. Furthermore, you make off a new space management of Universal Search , so devoting more space to news in the pages of results. This is extremely important because it implies a change room for the most updated information and less traffic for those sites that collect outdated information.

This comprehensive list of the improvements listed in the official post from the group issued:

  • freshest results, with a small corrective action with respect to what is already provided in the past
  • autocomplete functions faster and more relevant
  • improved correction functions the spelling nell’autocompletamento
  • better suggestions in cases where the correction of the spelling is more reliable
  • best corrections of spelling for less frequent queries
  • improved identification of pages related to events, thus delivering the freshest results, or timely in relation to the time parameter
  • minor corrections of the algorithm Panda and greater integration into the engine of the same
  • better management of cross-language engine: a query on Google in French Italian could return a result in French
  • introduction of the search functions in the English version of Google in Saudi Arabia
  • Best scrolling to search for images
  • images hosted on pages with better rankings emerge with greater frequency
  • new generation model of the research related
  • new system of identification of the query on which to allow the evidence of “Universal Search”, putting into sharper relief the latest news on the subject rather than the traditional engine results
  • Google Instant is able to auto-manage in cases where the connection to the network is too slow to support this type of function.
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