Google Earth is More Realistic than Ever (Download GE 6.2)

Google Earth, more realistic than ever

Improved method for processing images, which gives a unique texture without the usual sense of “patches”. They added tools to share files with Google +

The GE (Google Earth) globe is made from a mosaic of satellite and aerial images taken at different times and in different light and weather conditions. These variations make the most of the time to appreciate fragmented images, something that will not happen with version 6.2 of Google Earth.

“We are introducing a new way to process images that smooths the image lattice . The end result is a beautiful new visual experience of the earth and preserving the planet’s unique texture and landscapes that define the geography, but without appearing a series of patches. ” Thus defined the change in Google mobile version of GE desktop.

Another change for the last edition of this program has to do with the inclusion of Google + : “If you are in Google +, then you can share images of the places you have traveled virtually with their circles, as his family, friends. ” To test this function must be accessed with your Account from the top right corner of GE and click on “Share.”

GE 6.2 also improves the search , adding the function of auto and new layers to display more search results. Finally, we added bicycle routes, transit and driving directions from one place to another on foot.

Click here  to download GE 6.2.


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