The Hidden SEO Secret About Google SERP

The Hidden SEO Secret About Google SERPGoogle promises to bring much cooler contents through its engine because queries are often formulated in the hope of finding links updated.The SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are good if they are fresh.Here we explore the Hidden SEO Secret About Google SERP.

Google works daily to provide users with more accurate results and more satisfactory. Behind the query, however, often lie implicit information that apply in most cases, could lead to a refinement of the answers proposed to make the links as relevant as possible.

The information age can have that effect a particularly important role .Google, in fact, said to have identified different types of queries which refer to different types of responses. In this case, certain requests imply the need for an answer you do not dig too much in the past, in fact: the more fresh the information obtained, the more you will be satisfied. Often times, in fact, the latest results are the most up to date and therefore the most interesting ones.

Google identifies at least 3 contexts that bring almost all of the requests:

  • Recent events and hot topics : basic information of the joints are present, the macro-topics around which we gather most of the queries in a given time. In the U.S., for example, many people look for in these days about the NBA lockout: Google can identify the queries on the subject and will calibrate their responses on the basis of this consideration;
  • Recurring events : the elections are an example of a game or the championship.The research is basically for the last event (the last elections, the last game), and thus becomes far more important than a one page update published in the past;
  • Frequent updates : these queries seeking a photograph of an immediate situation. Find such as the “best car”, will find a page in which a comparison is made ??very slightly updated since only a photograph of a photograph can be dated reliably.
Research different need of different degrees of freshness. The SERP must therefore be calibrated on the basis of these considerations, the algorithms Google entrusting the responsibility of an intelligent approach to the matter. The search engine said to have built this type of paradigm at this time (after one year from the introduction of Caffeine), so from now on, Google is preparing to deliver fresh products to better marry the tastes of its users.

Source: Google


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