Google has Acquired 217 Patents from IBM

Google has acquired 217 patents from IBM

Google’s agreement with Motorola, brought several patents in the portfolio of the search giant but the company now has acquired even 217 from IBM. Although Google’s new acquisitions will further protect itself and its partners from complaints related to violation of intellectual property among them.It could help the company to develop even more services.

Manage e-mail, electronic calendars and transportation web applications between devices are just some of the many different patents have now passed into the hands of the creator of Android. However, a specific patent (the US Patent 7,865,592) refers to “use semantic networks to develop a social network.” In simple words, it might help a member of a social network to find other “like-minded” users. These new features could give a boost to Google +, since for example it would be easier to locate experts in a particular sector, otherwise probably not have been visible to the network of a user.

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