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Top 10 Browser Extensions in 2012 ,So Far

Time flies. It seems like yesterday when we celebrated the end of the year, but first make a good collection of all items that were highlighted in the software field in 2011. 2011 was a year that clearly won the web , with many services of sync with the cloud was consecrated, and many others making their raid, as many […]

How to Tell if We are Infected by Flashback and Its Removal

Yesterday we mentioned in this post that Flashback, a trojan that exploited a vulnerability in Java, had infected many computers (600,000) Mac To avoid this problem might occur had left a security patch for Java also discussed yesterday. In the comments I wrote more about how to tell if your Mac was affected by Flashback and how to fix […]

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A New Variant of Trojan on OS X (Update)

Certainly, after many long years of almost total tranquility, users of Mac OS X are now the target of increasingly frequent attacks by Trojan. Intego announces  that a new variant strain was discovered Flashback . It uses two Java flaws not yet met to settle on the remote machine and send the data.  For now, the only protection is […]

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Apple Officially Released New Safari 5.1.4

Recently Mozilla Released final version of Firefox 11 and  Apple released the Safari 5.1.4 beta version. After more than one test, the 5.1.4 official version Zhongtian in today’s public release. The official version of the Safari 5.1.4 to support the OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Windows XP/Vista/7. According to information published by the Apple’s official, […]

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Nokia Maps Available on iPhone and iPad

Nokia announced today that its charter service is now available in all devices that have a modern browser, such as the iPhone or iPad.

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4 Important Things not Mentioned During the Announcement of iPad3

Sometimes the most important is what not is said, and it caught my attention at any time during the presentation of the new iPad , mentioned four things: Versions , not just software, but of all kinds. The iPad itself does not have a version on its behalf (as his predecessor). When he spoke of the new operating system was not a […]

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iOS 5: The Top 10 Innovations For iPhone & iPad

Apple has iOS 5 for 12.10 – Announced. European time appears the new operating system of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and so on Wednesday evening or at night on Thursday. 200 new features!, Apple announced at WWDC in the summer. Including, of course, many things, but also some really key innovations and improvements. And even when others […]

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Apples Presentation on New iPhone 5 Features – Video Details

Today, October 4, 2011,There is a long-awaited presentation of the Apple. It is assumed that it will be made on a new smartphone iPhone 5.We have Developed a Summary of Event. From Starting here is a full-fledged broadcast Summary.It is unknown whether the presentation of Steve Jobs or will Tim Cooke, will show the iPhone 5 or […]

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Must Download This Apple`s iPhone Security Fix.

Apple has released IOS 4.3.4 – a minor update to its mobile operating system – and you should go download it if you own an iPhone, the iPhone or iPod Touch. Why? Since PDF sets a disturbing security-related vulnerability.

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How to Enable Video Calling Through Facebook in Lion.

New video calling feature of Facebook is designed by keeping browser and OS combination in mind. Unluckily, Facebook didn’t account for those community using Lion.The repair is simple however: Just alter your Browser user agent to a little  more conventional and you are enjoying video chatting.         For example, in Safari, strike […]

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