Must Download This Apple`s iPhone Security Fix.

Apple has released IOS 4.3.4 – a minor update to its mobile operating system – and you should go download it if you own an iPhone, the iPhone or iPod Touch. Why? Since PDF sets a disturbing security-related vulnerability.

The security vulnerability means that a user – or a clever hacker – may gain maximum power (root privileges) in IOS device by opening an infected PDF file through the use Safari.

On the one hand, this vulnerability is ideal for those who want to jailbreak – or unlockIOS their own devices using a website called so they can run unauthorized software. On the other hand, this is a big problem, because a person with devious intentions could trick someone into opening an infected PDF file and the abuse of access security vulnerability, or even steal confidential information without the owner’s knowledge of IOS device.Must Download This Apples iPhone Security Fix.

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