Top 10 Browser Extensions in 2012 ,So Far

Top 10 Browser Extensions in 2012 ,So Far 1

Time flies. It seems like yesterday when we celebrated the end of the year, but first make a good collection of all items that were highlighted in the software field in 2011. 2011 was a year that clearly won the web , with many services of sync with the cloud was consecrated, and many others making their raid, as many browser extensions which do not only evolve but feel the same standard new features and user needs.

So come to Ecuador in 2012 and could not wait six months, which we present our view have been the best browser extensions so far in 2012 , including supplements for both Google Chrome , which has been acclaimed as the leading browser, such as for Mozilla Firefox , Opera and Safari .

Language Immersion (Chrome)

Just great. This is perhaps the most interesting supplement that can be found in the field of language learning , a very good idea to transform the Web as interpreted by Google Chrome, and embeds in it the language translations of our choice.

Is this the end? Learning, almost subliminally, that language . Its extras include the ability to choose the level of immersion or activate the pronunciation, in addition to learning new words, know how to pronounce.

FireFTP (Firefox)

Indispensable tool when working with FTP servers. This supplement introduces a simple butcomplete FTP client directly in our browser, and gives us the opportunity to avail of great features like file filtering, or secure connection using SFTP protocols.

Fast and reliable, FireFTP is a good idea to save the installation of a desktop client, and a solution for those who occasionally use access to these servers. Highly Recommended.

Buffer (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

Twitter Tool revelation of 2011, has finally launched its extensions of browser, from which it is easier than ever to schedule the sending of tweets in order to provide interesting content to our fans.

Since she can only access the dashboard , but we can send any page to the message queue with a single click, and after editing the tweet final. If you have not yet tested Buffer, you are taking.

Unshorten (Opera)

Unshorten is a simple utility but very interesting. Do you know how useful they can become shortened URIs? As much as baffling, completely changing the original URI that we introduce in services like Twitter, and losing the hint that we were given about its content.

Unshorten solves the problem by changing the URL shortened by the equivalent original, avoiding to go to the wrong place or that we will see yet again to Rick Astley .

FreshStart (Chrome)

One of my favorite extensions . FreshStart is proposing to have a different tab manager , with which it is very easy to retrieve entire sessions and open tools such as our work, or leisure.

Based on two sides, Save Session and Session Restore , you’ll never have to go through the arduous task of opening one to one your favorite websites, and gain valuable time to be transformed into an increase in your productivity .

Ghostery (Opera)

Another must for the pint-sized browser is Opera. Ghostery ensures your privacy while surfing the web, alerting and blocking unsafe element monitoring services that often make us like AdSense.

This plugin tries to find all those elements that store data about us and notify us, giving us the option to block them or put them in the safe list.

People Plus (Firefox)

Successor to the classic People, this is the first add- with which we ourselves face to give a personal touch to our Firefox .

And that is to start enjoying just have to spend in the theme gallery and slide your mouse over them: we will automatically apply a real-time preview to help us decide on the look of the browser.

Collusion (Firefox)

Collusion is the Mozilla’s own hand , and like Ghostery for Opera, helps us identify the elements that try to track us and get information from us.

Also, tell us who share our data with those elements, showing a graph is constructed in real time and makes nice even identifying these potential threats to your privacy online .

EPUB Reader (Firefox)

This add transofrma your browser into a reader e-book , giving us the opportunity to enjoy great works of literature without ever leaving the web, and transforming Firefox into a virtual bookshelf that organizes the collection of ePUB we find.

Best of all is that we can also open the books we have previously downloaded, and once installed the extension, just drag and drop files to enjoy them.

Bookmark Switcher Bar (Chrome)

We end with an extension that also give a boost to our productivity. What I say when I say that with one click you can replace your bookmarks and replace them with others dedicated to another topic? That is precisely what makes Bookmark Bar Switcher.

With the extension button can easily replace our favorite links with a large element manager that makes it very easy to set up the new bookmarks and with which insurance you can think of many ideas to earn valuable minutes using Chrome.


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