Apples Presentation on New iPhone 5 Features – Video Details

Lets Talk iPhone 5Today, October 4, 2011,There is a long-awaited presentation of the Apple. It is assumed that it will be made on a new smartphone iPhone 5.We have Developed a Summary of Event.

From Starting here is a full-fledged broadcast Summary.It is unknown whether the presentation of Steve Jobs or will Tim Cooke, will show the iPhone 5 or iOS 5Announcement of Apple, as always, is full of mysteries.

22:42 After a while, this article will be updated with pictures and you can fully enjoy the presentation. Thank you for being with us!

22:40 Presentation is over

22:40 Tim Cook: “I am proud of the company, engineers and a team that developed these innovations.”

22:40 Tim Cook: «iPhone 4S – the most amazing iPhone ever.» Translation: “iPhone 4 – iPhone the most amazing, who ever was”

22:39 iPhone 4S Sales begin October 14 in the U.S.. October 28 in 22 other countries. Until the end of the year – in 70 countries.

22:37 p.m. iPhone 4 8GB – $ 99. 3GS contract – for free

22:36 The most important question! Price iPhone 4S: $ 199 for 16GB, $ 299 for 32 GB and $ 399 for 64 GB.

22:33 Photo

22:32 p.m. Assistant does not support the Russian language. Only English, French and German.

22:31 Movie Shows iPhone 4S. On view is the same as the iPhone 4. But can talk. And we have been waiting for “is not the same” iPhone 5.

22:30 These were the main features iPhone 4S.

22:29 Scott asked the iPhone. “Who are you?”. IPhone said: “I am your personal assistant.

Assistant works in Safari – for example, to search queries.

Events to the calendar, SMS messages can pronounce.

“I have plans for today?» iPhone responds “No” by checking your calendar.

iPhone learned to pronounce the SMS through the headset.

10:28 p.m. Assistant. understands questions about the stock market.

22:27 Technology is powered by Siri. iPhone to recognize the question about the weather.

22:26 Phil Schiller repeats all the innovations iPhone 4S. The new camera, the new processor. And “everything works.” Voice recognition on iOS 5. Intelligent Assistant. Appeared on the scene, Scott Forstall.

22:25 4S iPhone – a phone for all regions of the planet.

22:24 Frame rate – 33 percent faster. Infrared filter. Best work with light. Five-element lens.

22:22 New Camera in iPhone 4S. 8 megapixels, the new optics.

22:21 download speeds on the new iPhone – up to 14 megabits per second.

Twenty past ten p.m. iPhone 4S runs in two bands (3G/4G). “This has never happened.” The antenna of the 4 segments. The advantage of the two ranges – you can switch between GSM and CDMA networks at will.

22:17 Runtime iPhone 4S: eight hours a mode 3G, 14 hours – using GSM.

Sixteen past ten p.m. Infinity Blade 2 – Exclusive ONLY for iPhone 4S. Release date – December 1.

22:15 Show the video about Infinity Blade 2. Now you can customize weapons.

22:14 reactivated text tape, after a while to load photos.

22:11 We apologize for any small glitch in the translation of a problem with the network. A few minutes later all the restore and download the information, do not worry.

Ten past ten p.m. Epic Games represent a new game for iPhone 4S. “We have earned at Infinity Blade $ 20 million.” Let’s talk about Infinity Blade 2.

22:09 graphics processing up to 7 times faster than the iPhone 4. Play opportunities are immense.

10:08 p.m. 4S iPhone looks like the iPhone 4: glass, Retina, steel. Inside the processor A5.

22:07 Let us turn to iPhone! “Competitors have not been able to copy the iPhone 4. This is number one in the world. “And now we’re talking about the iPhone 4S

22:06 White iPod Touch. Completely new. Sales from October 12. $ 299 for 32 GB 399 – over 64 GB.

22:05 Switched to discuss the iPod Touch. “This is the world’s first music-player game.”

22:04 New prices for Nano: $ 129 and $ 149 for 8 and 16 gigabytes.

22:03 pm Changed skins (16 pieces)

22:00 We have developed a new firmware for the iPod Nano. The new interface, a modified program for fitness.

21:58 Phil Schiller turned the subject. “We still love the music.” Indicates the first iPod Nano.

21:56 On stage, launched a video presentation iCloud. iCloud opens Oct. 12.

21:55 iTunes Match – another new service. All of your music collection will be available on the web .

21:54 Here is the icon Find My Friends.

21:53 You can invite friends to places on the map, assign group meetings.

21:50 New Service: Find My Friends.

21:47 In iCloud can upload documents. API iCloud will be available to all developers.

9:46 p.m. Photo Stream will upload pictures in the “cloud.” They will be available on all devices, including PC.

21:44 “Now you integrate iTunes into iCloud.» tells about the ability to download previously purchased music “

21:42 On the scene there was Eddie Kew. It went about iCloud. “It’s free. It just works. “

21:40 “Now to activate iOS 5 does not need a computer. The era of PC-Free ».

Thirty-eight past nine p.m. Safari in iOS 5 also updated. Tab appears, reading list, privacy mode browsing.

21:37 Today in Gamecentre registered 67 million accounts. Now here came the recommendation of friends.

21:36 In iOS 5 there to run the camera with the Lock Screen. There is autofocus and auto exposure.

21:35 Now Newsttand. “The most popular magazines will be loaded onto the device in the background.”

Thirty-four past nine p.m. Twitter integrated into iOS 5. “Now you can tweet pictures directly from a photo album.”

21:33 Now Remiders. “Realized binding targets for the location.”

21:32 In the App Store 100 000 registered developers.

21:31 Forstall talks about iMessages. “They come in all devices with iOS 5”

21:30 p.m. Cards can be ordered this card. Price – 2.99 U.S. and 4.99 for all others.

Twenty-nine past nine p.m. Cards – application for creating greeting cards. Notifications are sent to the notification center iOS 5.

21:28 Apple has provided developers with income of 3 billion. ” The new application Apple – Cards.

21:27 “140 thousand applications for the iPad, a half-million of all applications in the App Store. Users have downloaded 18 billion of applications. “

21:26 On stage, Scott Forstall comes, he will tell about your application. “The proportion of iOS – 43%, Android – 33% (USA)”

21:25 “iPad – first Tablet PC in the world. Its share – 74%. “Here, of course, invent, and to have iPad tablet.

21:24 “More than 80% of hospitals are testing America or use iPad in their work. 92% of Fortune 500 companies use the iPad. »

21:23 “In every state in the U.S. is implementing a pilot program iPad in educational institutions. iPad is in the airline industry. “

21:22 “Now let’s talk about the iPad. The youngest direction Apple. iPad now everywhere. “

21:20 “iPhone – this is the reason that today we are here so much. iPhone 4 is half of the total market iPhones. Consumers love the iPhone. »

21:18 “Now in iTunes Store located 20 million songs. This music store number 1 in the world. Uploaded 16 billion songs. “

21:16 “300 million – total sales of all iPod.»

21:15 talks about music and about the first iPod. “It was a revolution in the industry. 78% of the market players – it’s iPod. »

21:13 “70% of people buy something other than the Mac. This means that we have a lot of work “

21:10 The first product – Mac. Tim compares Mac OS Lion with Windows 7, talks about the sales. Six million copies of the Lion has been downloaded. 80% more than the Snow Leopard.

21:07 On the screen is video of stores. “357 stores in 11 countries. There are many more to come. Today we will introduce four new products. “As many as four of the product, rather than one, as many thought, after publishing photo invitation!

21:06 Tim Cook: “Today we hear a lot about innovation, software and hardware. As well as the integration of these innovations. ” 

21:05 China has recently opened two large stores. 100 000 visitors in Shanghai Store in its opening weekend.

21:04 “I would like to welcome you to our campus. This is the second home for us. “Here, launched the first iPod.

21:02 On stage, Tim Cook. “This is my first product launch since I became CEO. I love Apple! »

21:01 Playing the song Rolling Stones «Jumpin ‘Jack Flash». Really, will present a new complete collection in iTunes?

21:00 Let’s go!

20:59 Minute …

20:58 “Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly!”

20:56 4 minutes. In the hall a lot of cameras, but the official video broadcast, as a Lion, will not. Room is small, there are usually conducted staff meetings Apple.

20:55 5 minutes. The first photo of the hall where the show is something new from Apple.

20:52 8 minutes …

20:45 Remaining 15 minutes of exciting expectations. Journalists have already collected? take some stand-up

20:40 Up to the beginning – just 20 minutes. Japanese site has told Apple that October 14 will begin selling iPhone 4S.

20:35 Near the room where the presentation will be rather empty. Only a few journalists wander and photograph.

20:33 On the Japanese Apple site has been found iPhone 4S.

20:31 Before the presentation, there are very few. In Cupertino has invited journalists gathered. Alas, journalists from Russia, Apple is not invited.

20:30  Half an hour before the broadcast. What will provide Apple? The whole world is tense and waiting … Call your friends, join the debate in the comments. Sensation soon.

20:07 left to wait for an hour. Continuation of the most popular smartphone in the world, and perhaps something else. Very soon learn the details. We’ve added a live video – now you’ll know exactly about the new iPhone the first in our

17:00 Before the presentation there were less than 5 hours! We are preparing to broadcast, but in the meantime you can discuss it – what will Apple? Speak your opinions, read other people’s. I wonder if I can guess we …


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