A Review of iPhone 5 Rumors, Expected on 4th October 2011.

A Review of iPhone 5 Rumors, Expected on 4th October This Year.On 4th October, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, can possibly gift the iPhone 5.The launch can follow many weeks later. currently Apple has even confirmed the date and apparently letter of invitation for the fourth Sent in October – the title says it all: “Let’s speak iPhone.” A Review of iPhone 5 Rumors, Expected on 4th October 2011. 1additionally on the planning, it is news, Apple seems to own betrayed by a replacement IOS service. regarding the value of the iPhone five are, but no details are known.

iPhone presentation on 4-5- October

According to technology website¬†AllThingsD.com¬†Apple’s new Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on 4¬†October 2011 to present the new iPhone fifth¬†Sources close to Apple have revealed this.¬†The event is a high probability of Cook even managed to contradict especially to the voices that Apple will inevitably change without Steve Jobs.¬†A guest appearance by Steve Jobs’ for the “one more thing” includes the website is not enough.

Possible Release Date: 15 October

Stephane Richard, the head of the French Telecom, has a release date of the iPhone 5 divulged to the French press:

“If we pay attention to what we were told to believe, the iPhone will be released on October 15, 5 2011.”

An indication of its source, he did not name, but Richard has been the start date of the betrayed iPad second The 15th but it is a Saturday, which would not fit in with Apple. In mid-October, however, is still the expected date for the launch of the iPhone coming 5th

iPhone 5: The design of the Apple phones?

A new feature in iPhoto 5, the “IOS-called” photo-streaming service.How¬†MacRumors.com¬†reported the launch of this service screen shows both the IOS-beta, as well as Mac OS X Lion an iPhone icon, whose design does not correspond to that of the iPhone 4.¬†In an enlarged version of the icon is clearly visible: This iPhone has a wider home button and a 4-inch screen.¬†Since the icon is officially from Apple, it can hardly be a coincidence.¬†Initial reports¬†how the website¬†9to5mac.com¬†will have learned to pre-orders for the successor to the iPhone 4 from 30¬†September will be accepted.Delivery is scheduled in the U.S., then on the 7th¬†Begin in October, reported¬†TiBp.com¬†.


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