Apple Officially Released New Safari 5.1.4

Apple Officially Released New Safari 5.1.4

Recently Mozilla Released final version of Firefox 11 and  Apple released the Safari 5.1.4 beta version. After more than one test, the 5.1.4 official version Zhongtian in today’s public release.

The official version of the Safari 5.1.4 to support the OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Windows XP/Vista/7. According to information published by the Apple’s official, we will be able to see in the new version the following changes (in part): – 11% increase in the 5.1.3 version on the basis of the performance of JavaScript scripts –

Improved change the network configuration / intermittent network connection, the input response – in which the search bar to repair a switch in the Safari window which flash white pages vulnerability – fix vulnerability in the use of gesture scaling Flash content shows incomplete – fixes in the browser HTML5 video The screen blurring that occurs when – to improve system stability when using extensions, compatibility with

The Safari 5.1.4 is already available through Apple’s official website, or Software Update to download updates.


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