4 Important Things not Mentioned During the Announcement of iPad3

4 Things not Mentioned During the Announcement of iPad3

Sometimes the most important is what not is said, and it caught my attention at any time during the presentation of the new iPad , mentioned four things:

  1. Versions , not just software, but of all kinds. The iPad itself does not have a version on its behalf (as his predecessor). When he spoke of the new operating system was not a single mention of “IOS 5.1″, just ” the new version of IOS “or” the new version of Safari“or” the new version of Garageband . “
  2. Processor speeds , although it mentions the power of A5X , never speaks of Megahertz or Gigahertz.
  3. Mentions of a CPU , several mentions of what can be done with the new graphics processor, but never mentioned the CPU that includes the new iPad, in fact, is the same as that used by the iPad 2.
  4. RAM , or the advantages of having more, if there are differences with his predecessors or whether developers will benefit best.

The emphasis in a world post-PC made especially for Tim Cook during the presentation of the new iPad is no coincidence, is not free. Innovation through the combination of IOS with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Apple is making a huge effort to leave behind several ideas, concepts, preconceptions and metaphors that have dominated for years to PCs but are the product in a very old to think about computing.

Leave behind the software versions, forget the technical and even of all that is “within” the unit and focus on the elements that let you do things with a device (especially the screen, the main component of all devices with IOS) is the direction Apple has taken a few years ago and today is more present than ever, and I think that is the right way.


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