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Sony Smart Watch: The Watch that Speaks with Android

It may not be a clock from Sony to bring out problems faced in the financial statements of the company, but the new devices announced at this time it’s something that suggests that the group believes in the cabinet, as it intends to bet on Android and how much longer considers can give the sector.

Curiosa Jailbreak Tweak for Cydia Update Notifications on iDevices

Are you an obsessive Cydia user? Well i’m and it’s perpetually bothered me that Cydia doesn’t natively notify me when updates to packages i’d prefer to download are offered. The factor with Apple’s App Store is that it will notify when updates are offered, but Cydia, that I exploit far more than App Store, doesn’t […]

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Security Bug in IOS 5.0.1 to Unlock an iPhone and Make Calls

The bugs in IOS appear to be more frequent, and have found a couple that have been fixed , but while closing a hole, you find that new one is open. Although the security breach could not be considered too severe by the way it should be made without permission to gain access to our smartphone and make calls, it’s always good to […]

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Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android

It seems that Canonical wants everything sacer of your Linux distribution and therefore ubuntu has formally announced for Android, but falls far short of what one can expect to hear this name. The idea is to integrate the operating system Ubuntu in our mobile phone using the power that usually have high-end phones. The idea is that Canonical’s high-end Android […]

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Facebook Messenger for Windows is Available for Download

The messaging application Facebook Messenger , which for some months enjoyed by users of iPhone and Android is now available on Windows seven .   For those unaware, Facebook Messenger is very useful application that separates the chat function of Facebook from the same Facebook . In other words, the application allows you to communicate with your friends on social network without the need to even open […]

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Steps to Get “Facebook Notifications” On Google TV

Here are the 8 Steps to get Facebook Notifications On Google TV. Step-1  written below While Enjoying a channel on the Google Television.. Please “Push home button of Sony TV Remote control”.

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Download Chrome addon to Get Facebook Current Notifications On Desktop

Haha..Perhaps You may not use your PC while not being on Facebook .The subsequent are among the numerous that hook up with social networks, and even though you are doing not use to show a jiffy, then you’ll stop within the background or in some browser tab. If you wish to be notified with all […]

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DeskSMS For iPhone Tweak Forwards SMS to Gmail & Google Chat

DeskSMS iPhone could be a change in Cydia SMS can automatically send text messages to your GMail and Google Chat. The plan is, if you are at your desk all the time, the iPhone is much of an intermediary to receive messages and filter through to the consumer desktop for your convenience. Not only does […]

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Free Calling to Your Facebook Friends With Talkatone App for Apple`s iGadjets

Talkatone is the great service that allow you create calls over WiFi and 3G for gratis with Google Voice has expanded its providing to Facebook when it launched the new application.

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“CallBar” Called iOS-style 5: Soon Available on Cydia

This is CallBar, a horizontal bar that appears at the top of the terminal that will allow you to handle calls as if they were push notifications IOS 5. Let us see in detail. Callbar incorporates different gestures, buttons and functions so as to make it look like incoming calls native and intuitive for the […]

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