Curiosa Jailbreak Tweak for Cydia Update Notifications on iDevices

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Are you an obsessive Cydia user? Well i’m and it’s perpetually bothered me that Cydia doesn’t natively notify me when updates to packages i’d prefer to download are offered. The factor with Apple’s App Store is that it will notify when updates are offered, but Cydia, that I exploit far more than App Store, doesn’t try this. Courtesy of common developer Ryan Petrich, there’s a brand new jailbreak tweak referred to as Curiosa that will precisely that in a tremendous approach.

Ryan Petrich may be a standard jailbreak tweak developer for iOS devices. His varied tweaks for jailbroken devices are standard with the user of Cydia. There is a  repository owned by him where these tweaks are uploaded and might be typically downloaded for free of charge. Yes, even Curiosa jailbreak tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod bit is accessible for free of charge from Ryan’s own repository, that is

Curiosa Jailbreak Tweak

It was Ryan who 1st started engaged on an inspiration for a tweak which might notify users when updates to jailbreak tweaks were created offered in Cydia. Later, a tweak named Aptdate was released for iPhone, iPad and iPod bit that did precisely that. but currently Ryan has launched his own tweak, referred to as Curiosa. each of those tweaks are not any completely different in terms of functionality, but Curiosa offers exhaustive choices which may be accessed via the Curiosa menu in

Curiosa jailbreak tweak offers bigger functionality. for instance users will set specific keywords that relevant Cydia tweak update notifications are presented the user. Users may set refresh intervals in order that notifications are displayed in a very timely manner, while not draining the valuable battery life. Curiosa jailbreak tweak is de facto terribly helpful for people who are ardent Cydia users. Obviously, to use this tweak you need to have a jailbroken iDevice.


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