Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android

Canonical Announces Ubuntu for Android

It seems that Canonical wants everything sacer of your Linux distribution and therefore ubuntu has formally announced for Android, but falls far short of what one can expect to hear this name. The idea is to integrate the operating system Ubuntu in our mobile phone using the power that usually have high-end phones.

The idea is that Canonical’s high-end Android phones circulating in the market right now have very powerful devices, dual core, they are able to run both Android operating system as a desktop operating system, as in this Ubuntu case. Properly optimized, open source software company has come true.Bet, of course, for phones as powerful as possible with lots of memory RAM and multicore processors to ensure good performance, which need the highest range and power.

Has drawbacks such as the enormous battery consumption , but in developing country markets may have a brutal involvement with the opportunity to not need to buy computers. Connecting the phone to a dock, you connect to a screen you have your desktop computer with integrated data with mobile (you can even receive notifications of calls on your computer). When Ubuntu is expected to be free or at least very affordable for those interested.

Via: Engadget
Link to Official Site : Ubuntu for Android


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