Ubuntu Linux for Smartphones, Tablets and Touch Devices

Ubuntu Linux for Smartphones, Tablets and Touch Devices

Very good news for users of most popular Linux distribution worldwide. Until now, Ubuntu was not available either for smartphones nor on tablets or other touch devices . It was even reported, Canonical is not intended to expand in this area.

Fortunately the South African company seems to be changing course. According to the statements of its founder Mark Shuttleworth, is not an area that can be ignored. Although at present Android covers a very large market, the Shuttleworth believes that there are many advantages of using Ubuntu for both developers and for users. And since that Canonical does not intend to release its own devices, Ubuntu will be a more “neutral” functional compared to Android.

In any case, the first versions of these devices are not expected earlier than 2014. Although they have already made significant steps towards transition, still needs several changes to the code so that Ubuntu be able to maintain its credibility and all those characteristics that have made it have such a fanatical audience.



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