Nokia is Developing Linux-Based Operating System “Meltemi”?

Nokia is developing Linux-based Operating System Known MeltemiAfter yesterday heard that the Samsung and Intel will support the development “Tizen” , the evolution of “MeeGo” today, it was reported that Nokia will develop a special operating system for devices with low specifications. Currently, the project known as the “Meltemi” code.

Information on this matter is still not fully known. But saying that the future will be based Meltemi Linux, and mobile targets with lower specifications.

Maybe we will hear more information on these matters soon. Together we look forward to continued growth.

Meltemi” is a Greek word for the dry summer winds that blow across the Aegean Sea from the north, so — yea, we are not smart enough to flesh out what that can possible mean.

What we tend to do recognize is that Nokia must compose their mind when it involves their software strategy. They dumped Symbian for Windows Phone, going up to now on kick the Symbian of us out of the corporate and move them to Accenture. within the low-end department there’s Series thirty and Series forty, the previous for devices that price but what you pay each weekend at the bar along with your friends, the latter for devices that we’d classify as midrange. Where can Meltemi sit? a lot of importantly how huge is that the employees developing Meltemi, what’s the roadmap for the operating system, can contributions from the community be accepted, what proportion cash can Nokia pour into the developing the project?

Nokia World is turning out in but a month and we’re pretty positive somebody goes to raise the Finnish handset maker concerning Meltemi. without delay Nokia isn’t saying something, that isn’t a surprise, however we are able to simply can’t facilitate slapping our foreheads and wondering why they killed MeeGo, a Linux primarily based OS for top finish smarpthones, to figure on Meltemi, a Linux primarily based OS for low end dumb phones.

Here is conversation with “Eldar” from Mobile Review.

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