Apple has Spent Hundreds of Millions on a War with Android

Apple has Spent Hundreds of Millions on a War with Android“Thermonuclear War,” a large scale was initiated against the makers of Cupertino Android-devices that claimed hundreds of millions of dollars – but does it make sense?

As it became known, Apple spent $ 100 million for an initial patent lawsuit against HTC. It is easy to imagine that this amount grows at times, when it comes to such powerful players as Motorola, which was close to the prohibition of “apple” products in Germany, or Samsung, the world’s largest holder of intellectual property for mobile communications.

From the biographical book, “Steve Jobs” Walter Isaacson can learn that in the debate on patent litigation, which is Apple, Steve, already known for his tough character, incredibly angry, and much of it was due to actually betraying Google,

You dirty robbed entirely pulled off the idea of iPhone. And I’m going to last, if you want to fight it. I spent the last penny out of $ 40 billion on account of Apple, but will correct the status quo. I intend to destroy Android, because it is a stolen product.

Jobs criticized products online corporation, stating that ,

out of Google’s search products like Android and Docs full of shit.

And though Jobs has been charged with total control over the ecosystem of the iPhone, which contrasts sharply with the “open” approach, Android, he told a biographer that the ratio of Apple to the issues identified by this desire to “create great products, but no nonsense like Android.

In any case it is obvious that Apple has succeeded little in the fight against Android: the victory is so small that competitors can easily avoid obstacles, making only minor changes to their products.


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