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Call of Duty: Ghosts, Officially Announced, Coming on November 5th! [Video]

As expected, Activision officially announced a while ago in Call of Duty: Ghosts , along with a trailer from which we keep that we will have more details about the new episode of the unveiling of the next-generation Xbox from Microsoft on May 21!

World Series of Call of Duty will Pay Two Million to Winners

Activision announced Call of Duty Championship Tournament Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will happen in Los Angeles, USA, between the 5th and 7th of April this year. The championship is sponsored by Xbox 360 , Major League Gaming and Electronic Sports League, and its award will be one million dollars (approximately two million dollars) to the winning team!

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Call of Duty Goes Aggressive in the Future

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 On horseback in Afghanistan in the future of 2025: Modern Warfare 2 players sent by the recent and future military history Рwhich after a relatively weak and nasty kick thanks to the small content changes then makes it fun.

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Official: Next Call of Duty Comes to May 1!

A visit to the official website of¬†Call of Duty¬†was enough to see the next episode of the series, probably the Black Ops 2, will debut on May 1! The “universal revelation” will be the start of the NBA playoffs on channel TNT, while the¬†website¬†distinguished “boxes”

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The Fans of “GTA 5”,Will Have to Wait Until 2013

Rockstar Games¬†has not yet named the date of release¬†Grand Theft Auto 5¬†, but for the developer is willing to do analytics.¬†For example, the expert agency Sterne Agee, Arvind Bhatia¬†believes¬†that Rockstar will not hurry up and release a GTA 5 in early 2013. In addition, the analyst believes that the list of target platforms GTA 5 […]

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Modern Warfare 3: New Maps, Video and Special Operations

Although users¬†premium¬†Call of Duty Elite and take several weeks to participate in contests that offer new multiplayer maps for¬†Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ‘¬†, the non-payment platform will have the same contents next March 20 in a¬†DLC¬†that¬†Activision¬†has become known as ”¬†the biggest content pack in the history of the franchise¬†. “ ¬†Be seen whether¬†Modern […]

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“Call of Duty” on PS Vita Expected in Autumn

PS Vita has to be a successful console and Sony will give everything to ensure this is clear.¬†This means having a complete catalog of known franchises, plus hit titles that get new IP’s to convince potential new buyers.¬†Although the title of which we speak today is not exactly a new IP to be enshrined in […]

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Mountain Lion OS X “Duplicate AirPlay”, An Unexpected Improvement for Apple TV

So far, the function Duplicate AirPlay (AirPlay Mirroring) allowed us to share the contents of our iPhone or iPhone viewing web pages, documents, games, pictures and videos on TV in our living room through Apple TV. No complicated settings, no wires, just by double clicking on the Start button and selecting this option. Surely a great invention.

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New Call of Duty: The Game Looks Fantastic

Activision¬†has confirmed¬†that work on the next part of the Call of Duty is in full swing.¬†Publishers did not disclose details, but said that the game looks fantastic.¬†Additionally, Activision has promised that this year’s Call of Duty fans will get a truly new game under the famous brand, which will allow TV series make a qualitative […]

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Download Call Of Duty ELITE, Released For Android

The Call Of Duty franchise frequently breaks its own record in what‚Äôs already become one thing of a spectator sport. Having grossed quite the revolutionary Avatar did at the box offices with trendy Warfare three, it is unsurprising that the backing team lead by Activision is wanting to explore as several avenues as feasibly attainable. […]

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