Modern Warfare 3: New Maps, Video and Special Operations

Modern Warfare 3: New Maps, Video and Special Operations Although users premium Call of Duty Elite and take several weeks to participate in contests that offer new multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , the non-payment platform will have the same contents next March 20 in a DLC that Activision has become known as ” the biggest content pack in the history of the franchise . “

 Be seen whether Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection # 1 is also the largest collection of the franchise and at least, remains in the 1,200 MS Points that have been costing these packs to date. However, it is true that with four maps , none of them recycled from previous releases, and two special operations missions , so it would not be surprising that the price was affected.

The maps, except Black Box that we transferred to a battle over Air Force One damaged, and you know we have given here. In the case of missions Black Ice will move you to a diamond mine that we destroy while we run and Negotiator will give us the possibility of rescuing several hostages while performing the typical slow raids in the series.

Users of Call of Duty Elite premium will enjoy this pack in a few hours .

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