Call of Duty Goes Aggressive in the Future

Call of Duty Goes Aggressive in the Future 1

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

On horseback in Afghanistan in the future of 2025: Modern Warfare 2 players sent by the recent and future military history – which after a relatively weak and nasty kick thanks to the small content changes then makes it fun.

Significantly more money than morals, a huge private army and one to two billion followers worldwide: It all has Raul Menendez, the villain in the new Call of Duty. In the campaign of Modern Warfare 2, we know as an elite soldier Alex Mason in missions in the 1980s, gradually, as Menendez brought it to his wealth. And experience in 2025 as Alex’s son, David, Menendez was, therefore, for evil upon the world. Fairly soon is clear: we are, along with a handful of other elite soldiers, tied in closely with the career of the top villains – and have to stop him.

The story line of Modern Warfare 2 is slightly less than in previous series tells incomprehensible parts. In addition to flashbacks from the perspective of old Sergeant Frank Woods there again cut-scenes and tangled wild multimedia gadgets. We ended although a clue about what happened. But exactly feel it is not clear who has beaten whom, tortured, murdered or betrayed.

Not nice: The first few missions. We have to use the name in a “Pyrrhic victory” in 1986 to fight in Angola on a battlefield – which is set very original, but pretty disgusting scene. Do charred bodies come in the intro, burning people in the use of self, and a container full of half-decomposed corpse – we find repulsive.

Initially durchwachsene missions

The second mission in 2025 will be spectacular to begin with a short position on a steep climb, but is not much more than the usual banging, initially in the fresh air, then in an underground laboratory. Then it’s back to the past: In Afghanistan, we may one – shoot horseback Russian helicopters, which also does not have real fun – abysmal animated.

Then, however, increases the quality of the missions felt. One of the highlights is a use in Pakistan. Only we struggle at night and heavy rain to walk the high waist-flooded streets of a city and soft like from the light cones of flying drones.Then time is no longer time shot, instead we listen Menendez by directional microphone and have it follow him through a building. Of course, we are operating on, sooner or later – and therefore there is a spectacularly staged the final flight in which we operate alternately drone aircraft weapons, and control on the ground by a jeep full tilt niederprasselnde bombs.


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