Mountain Lion OS X “Duplicate AirPlay”, An Unexpected Improvement for Apple TV

Mountain Lion OS X Duplicate AirPlay, An Unexpected Improvement for Apple TV

So far, the function Duplicate AirPlay (AirPlay Mirroring) allowed us to share the contents of our iPhone or iPhone viewing web pages, documents, games, pictures and videos on TV in our living room through Apple TV. No complicated settings, no wires, just by double clicking on the Start button and selecting this option. Surely a great invention.

With OS X Mountain Lion , this same feature is available on your Mac by opening a new world of possibilities for users of Apple TV with a home. Apple gives us some ideas: use the computer with HD display of the room (especially great if we have a small 11-inch MacBook Air, but extended to the whole line), show a Keynote presentation, or enjoy our home movies iMovie.

Fantastic ideas without doubt, to which I add: overcoming any potential barrier formats eliminating the need to convert movies or series (if your Mac plays the video, so now your Apple TV as well), playing Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare , Rage or Civilization V from the comfort of the couch, or teach friends the pictures that I am still finishing process. The Mac in my studio and Apple TV in the living room, nothing more.

Important: Duplication of AirPlay is restricted to 720p resolution, a constraint that certainly lies in the current model of Apple TV and A4 processor. Are we betting on a future upgrade to the A5 and support Full HD 1080p?


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