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Five Bollywood Actors Look Like Hollywood Actors

We have Posted the Article with Following Title Today. Five Bollywood Actresses Look Like Hollywood Actresses Now Here is the list of Bollywood actors who look like Hollywood actors:- Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper:- Everything regarding these 2 actors their eyes, nose jaw line and even their expression‚Äôs are also same. Also, each of them […]

Which Bollywood Actor Look Cute In Sikh Avatar?

Bollywood actors who look good wearing pagdi. Which Bollywood actor looks the best? I think Akshay Kumar is looking¬†fabulous! Ajay Devgan:- Ajay¬†Devgan will be seen wearing the turban in an upcoming Bollywood Romance Drama Son of Sardar which is directed by Ashwni Dhir. It also stars¬†Sanjay Dutt¬†and Sonakshi Sinha. The movie will hit the theaters […]

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Is Cameron Diaz Ruining Her Life for a Wrong Man ?

We often think that the rich and famous live easily.¬†However, this is not always the case. Cameron Diaz, for example,the most beautiful¬†Hollywood¬†star but ¬†very unlucky in her personal life. ¬†The actress is 39 years old, and she has no family, no children.¬†True, the latest novel from the athlete Alex Rodriguez, which lasted more than a […]

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No Entry Mein Entry:Salman Khan Will Play Double Role

In the ¬†upcoming ¬†sequal of No EntrySalman Khan,¬†¬†will play double role and not only salman but ¬†Anil Kapoor¬†and¬†Fardeen Khan will also play dobule roles in Anees Bazmee‘s¬†”¬†No Entry Mein Entry”¬† The actors will play multiple parts in¬†Anees Bazmee‘s¬†No Entry Mein Entry . ¬†NoEntry ¬†released in 2005 and it was one of the biggest commercial hits […]

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Got Married!

US Weekly reported, at a press conference,¬†Twilight¬†star Robert Pattinson shear a secret that, he ¬†got ¬†married¬†and ¬†His wife is his ¬†partner in the film “Twilight” Kristen Stewart.¬† It happened when the couple filmed the¬†Breaking Dawn¬†wedding scene,to be completely accurate,¬†on the set they ¬†had been invited a real priest and all the ceremonial rules also observed.He […]

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Into-Now App for iPad by Yahoo:Watch TV With a New Social Experience

Yahoo desires to revolutionize the approach you watch TV and raises IntoNow, the app that enhances the tv expertise, offered on the iPad. Yahoo¬† has officially introduced a succession of recent measures to create your expertise on smart phones plus Tablet even higher, additional customized. Among the numerous ought to have note is that the […]

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Emma Watson:The Face of New Fragrance

Emma Watson 21.¬†She was “honored Hermione England,” the author’s own clothing line, approximate man Dispose of used batteries, and dashing avtogonschitsa.¬†More recently, the actress has also become the face of new fragrance Midnight Rose Trysor from Lancome, which helped her open a new entity – a fragile and delicate French. Hi!¬†How are you? Great!¬†And how […]

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Sonakshi Lose The Race Because of Deepika

¬†Deepika¬†Padukone, have ¬†a sense of insecurity although she has¬†gorgeous looks and aline of successful films behind her so far but her insecurities¬†are increasing day by day and these insecurities are causing¬†problems¬†between her and ¬†co-actors. First ¬†of all some problems¬†were reported in the media with her fellow actor Katrina Kaif and it was said that the […]

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