Emma Watson:The Face of New Fragrance

Emma Watson:  The Face of New Fragrance Emma Watson 21. She was “honored Hermione England,” the author’s own clothing line, approximate man Dispose of used batteries, and dashing avtogonschitsa. More recently, the actress has also become the face of new fragrance Midnight Rose Trysor from Lancome, which helped her open a new entity – a fragile and delicate French.

Hi! How are you?
Great! And how could it be otherwise – we are in Paris! By the way, you were born here? I see you’re well prepared for the interview! (Laughs) Do not believe me, I always do! And yet, tell that to you in Paris? On the one hand, I’ll be quite unoriginal when I say that love is everything: the streets, cuisine, people and language. But on the other – this is a very personal story. Paris for me is always nostalgia. This is the city of my childhood. I am very grateful Lancome – cooperation with this brand gave me the opportunity to be back home. And the wonderful aroma, the person who I was, a very special – a gentle and very close to me the smell of Paris. 

Do you feel that something you French? You know, I suppose. As my  grandmother French, by the way, she still lives here, both my second name of the French (Charlotte, Dyuerr. – Comm. The author.), And that’s a lot! My parents are well aware of the language. And I am impressed by the local principle of “less is better” in clothes and makeup. He gives plenty of opportunities to open up and show off, leaving a space for imagination. I find it very closely. And what of the French cuisine do you most like? God, how hard to pick just one thing! Well, first of all, I just love meat tartare, French wine, baguettes, hot chocolate, cakes, macarons. … No, it can go on forever – I just really love it! Almost all of the actors with whom I’ve talk to people superstitious. You, too, is the same? to superstition, I probably sufficiently rational. But, for example, when I auditioned for the role of Hermione, has received from the pope pull of a wishbone – a chicken bone in a sling – and make a wish. And it came to pass. I also have a lucky shirt, which I always wear when nervous before an important event. And I love the crystals – they charge with positive energy. As with odors that are sometimes stunning effect on your mood and inner state. Well, anyway, I do not know, I’m superstitious when it or not! 

Yes, the role of Hermione was not for you completely … Definitely! (Laughs.) In general, your whole career was subordinated to a single role. What do you think how much more of Hermione cable will reach for you and what role could be to get people to stop associating you only with her? Well, first of all, I have nothing against these associations, they are pleasant to me. My character – terrific character. I enjoyed “the time Hermione,” and I’m sure that once it acquires the image of a romantic flair as the Paris of my childhood. But, of course, my career ambitions go much further, and I would like people to give me a chance to show what is capable of. I am very open minded and I like to believe that the majority of the audience is not too strange. You know, I’m not ready to talk about what offers come now, so as not to jinx, but I have seen they are very promising. His first role you played in the school theater. And now the scene has a place in your life? I would love to return to the scene. But while the plot of my life would not let me – even at the university to combine study with the shooting is not easy. I would like to play any particular role? I do not know … I have a classic preference, and, of course, from Shakespeare, I would not have refused. Maybe something else American – like Tennessee Williams. But generally a good idea to me to start just go to the theater more often, at least as a spectator – for, alas, have no time. Why do you think the recent fantasy and fairy tales have become so popular? Well, it’s easy to explain: in the fairy tale however sad it may be, is always possible happy ending, and we all need to believe in a happy ending, no matter what we say and not as a cynical joke.

Emma Watson:  The Face of New Fragrance  And what a happy ending is your favorite? I love the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast “. It is that love – the story of a soul. But at the same time I really like the idea that beauty is not meaningless, and, coupled with the love she can save the world. Or at least one single monster … Beauty, seems to important to you. You got his own clothing brand Pure Threads. Tell us about it. The first line – it is rather a high-fashion. It was used a lot of natural wool and white cotton. The second – that is, closer to the people more accessible. I create clothes that would like to see in her wardrobe. Basically it is casual. I’m really proud of what I do. All dresses collection are the names of my friends and family friends. This is a very personal story. The choice of natural fabrics – this position? If so, what else do within ekotemy? I can not say that I am a fanatic fighter for a cleaner environment, just try to do what I can. For example, always try to buy local products, and when I stop at hotels, do not give to wash towels every day. utiliziruesh and batteries? And how! And try not to travel unnecessarily by car. If time permits, I go on foot. You probably just do not like to drive? What do you mean, I’m just a crazy car enthusiast! My friends and I adore nabitsya in the car, put your favorite music and go aimlessly. Behind the wheel I feel so free, so independent! And the rules are being violated? No! Why? Freedom within, and not in violation of the rules. And then, it’s just dangerous. Lagerfeld called you this rose, the British, whose image is akin to what is preserved in the archives of the British magazines. Do you agree with him? Lord, how lovely, never even heard of! My respect for infinitely Lagerfeld – he is very smart and talented, so do not agree with him pretty hard. (Embarrassed smiles.) Do you generally keep a close eye for fashion? I would not say that. Of course, I try to keep abreast of the latest trends, because it is part of my job, besides a very interesting and enjoyable, but it is a professional interest, rather than trying to keep up with fashion. What style prefer in real life? Something is really convenient and cozy. T-shirts, cotton trousers, cashmere sweaters. A voice-frequency cream are using every day or only when needed? I have very sensitive skin, and I try to save her best. So I use a very soft and gentle tone cream. And try to do it as delicately. I do think that we are all in vain hide their faces under tons of makeup – you should be able to show them the world. But tell me, you spend much time in front of a mirror? No. I must admit, I love the process … but I long ago learned to cope with his make-apom for ten minutes. Mascara always wash before going to sleep or sometimes leaves at night? What! I never go to bed with makeup on your face! Never, never! Hey, why are you still hair cut? Just an experiment or some internal changes caused? The role of Hermione for a long time did not give me the freedom to choose – even had to dye her hair. So, when I had this freedom, I knew exactly how to dispose of her! And besides, I always liked short hair. Anyway, the actress career involves a lot of restrictions. What are the most difficult to tolerate? Quite easily given external constraints. I like to watch themselves, look good, and I have no need to have at night (although actually I love to eat). I love to dance and do sports with pleasure: yoga, jogging, tennis, swimming – it helps a lot to distract from problems. But all that relates to moral constraints, provides a much more complicated. Of the actors are not only lazy people complain about lack of privacy and anonymity. I also brought up in these English traditions. And so for me has always been fundamentally regulate my conduct and evaluate every step made ??in public, so as not to give cause for gossip. In principle, but does not say that easily. Being a person brand Lancome – is a big responsibility and a pleasant experience? At first I was terribly nervous, and felt the burden of responsibility. But now relaxed and happy that everything turns out so well. Besides, I love makeup! And that always makes you smile? Yes a lot of things. The unexpected kindness the stranger, for example, great music, beautiful view, my friends … I do often smiling. do you watched the wedding of Prince William? Of course! I am British! And then, it was really great. What do you think about the universal admiration of the ceremony? Do not you think it strange that in a world where marriage has long lost its social significance, all with such enthusiasm glued to television sets and then another week discussing this event? I think the institution of marriage will always exist, no matter what emancipation and other social the mood. They come in and just go. And every girl at heart still believes in a beautiful fairy tale with a wedding in the finale.

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