Is Cameron Diaz Ruining Her Life for a Wrong Man ?

We often think that the rich and famous live easily. However, this is not always the case. Cameron Diaz, for example,the most beautiful Hollywood star but  very unlucky in her personal life.Is Cameron Diaz Distoring  her Life for a Wrong Person

 The actress is 39 years old, and she has no family, no children. True, the latest novel from the athlete Alex Rodriguez, which lasted more than a year, seemed to be very strong, many thought that Cameron Diaz finally get to the long awaited ring finger but baseball treacherously threw Cameron Diaz out to his life , and after a few days having fun with might and main in Mexico with another girl.

It looks like Cameron was very much attached to him and she is  shocked by the behavior of the former lover to the core she can not recover , also quite waved her handand .Now she is tring to distory her own lifeEach week in the photo, it looks worse  tired haggard face, circles under the eyes on top of bags, unhealthy complexion. All said that Diaz was not long ago a cosmetologist, and clearly not enough sleep.

Is Cameron Diaz Distoring  her Life for a Wrong Person?

We hope that the actress will soon move away from the gap and take up herself. In the end, love is love, but the work requires the actors blooming species and always in form. Is it worth for some one to lose multimillion dollar contracts and  spoil the reputation? or is  it right for Cameron Diaz to Distory her Life for a Wrong Person ?


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