5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android

Two big Android and iOS currently dominates the world smartphone app store filled with all kinds of software.Currently it looks like Apple is winning by quality software richer and higher quality. Maybe Google should focus draws a series of software companies to write down much better product for the operating system on its famous mobile. However, if the separate image-editing applications, the Android product on no less than the IOS, as well as top 5 photo editing software best that you should install on your Android phone .


 5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android

One of the great image-editing software on mobile devices in general, not just AndroidPicSay able to balance color close to reality, collage photos, add text to your photos, create titles even support a variety of special effects such as distorting objects, the emphasis by light … Also this software supports working directly on the image stored in external memory card, but not necessarily to copy to internal memory.

PicsArt – Photo Studio:

5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android 2

No name is Tiger Studio, this application package proved extremely adequate for photo editing on Android.PicsArt have all the features to balance the color and brightness, adjust the frame, handwriting, crop, rotate, … available at the same time also support a variety of special effects such as vintage, HDR, animation , toys, turn photos into pencil drawings, watercolors, color photos into black & white turn … You are spoiled for choice one of the numerous ways in which this application offers to make your pictures much more beautiful .

Photoshop Express:5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android

Adobe has created a shortened version of the photo-editing software Photoshop on a PC with famous names Photoshop Express for Android mobile operating system. This application provides you with some simple tools that are useful such as cutting, tile, AC, edit brightness and color and add special effects to photos.

Camera ZOOM FX: 5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android

This amazing application allows you to insert more than 40 special effects to your images, while it also has the very useful tool with zoom function, image processing breaks, adjust the balance light, vibration support, creating a frame … more Another great thing is it’s Camera ZOOM FX is supported by the social network is Facebook and Twitter so users can live up to it and tagging locations easily.

PhotoFunia:5 Best Photo Editing Software on Android

PhotoFunia will bring you the very unique experience and fun to edit. This application provides the background to 150 users to optionally incorporated into, creating fun photos. The thing to note when using PhotoFunia, that this software works on the cloud, so you need to have internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to be able to use it to edit photos.

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