Details About Usage of Apple Products at IBM

Details About Usage of Apple Products at IBM

IBM has about 10,000 Mac in its computers, 30,000 iPhone and iPad around 10,000 . This breakdown of Apple products has been offered at a conference at iWorld / Macworld by two frameworks, a Mobile Technology Evangelist and the other in charge of other animate the Mac community within the group. On the set of IBM, with its 450,000 employees, the proportion of OS X and IOS is measured, but still visible. Especially for the iPhone that rises to the level of the BlackBerry.

The presentation by the two men [ document ] shows that IBM has a base of 550,000 workstations, including Linux and OS X account for 5%. Lenovo notebook and have captured the rest. Until 2009, IBM was required to provide in PC Lenovo, through the sale of its computer division. Since at least 2008, IBM introduced a program allowing employees to choose their hardware and this policy continued. 

Mac users have administrative rights on their workstations and are allowed to bring his or her personal telephone shelf, leaving the way full and unimpeded access to the App Store. iOS, Android and RIM are the three the most popular platforms among 100000 persons equipped smartphones, and tablets that can access the corporate email, calendar and contacts list. 30,000 are on BlackBerry, but their numbers decrease and 20000 others are on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.. iOS 4.3 mobile system is the minimum for iPhone (3G or more of). Finally, on OS X, an internal tool called BlueMac is provided to automate software installation validated by IBM. 

It crosses both Lotus Notes, Symantec Antivirus or an Adium for example. This flexibility in the choice of equipment is based on three criteria: the employee’s satisfaction, increased productivity by letting him work with the tools he prefers or better mastery and ability to attract and retain qualified personnel.


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