Apple TV:New Agreements with Suppliers

Apple TV-New Agreements with Suppliers

Continue to chase the rumors regarding a possible launch of a television set with the famous brand of the bitten apple. The latest bear the signature of Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray for a long time close to the world of Cupertino, who claims that Apple was recently approached at least one Asian group for the supply of components for the production of what will most probably the name of iTV .

The company headed by Tim Cook, moreover, for some time seems to be willing to jump into a market already full of solutions such as the production of television sets. Since the beginning of 2011 it would start contacts with potential suppliers to identify the most cost-effective solution for the group of Cupertino, which has as its goal a true revolution in home entertainment, bringing to market a product that can differentiate themselves from competitors and give the brand with the decision of the bitten apple on the sector.

In this sense, the news that Apple could introduce in the rules of access to content , with varying assumptions in vogue, but without any official confirmation. The new iTV could in fact allow you to access both on-demand content, enclosing a single interface in the services offered by groups such as Hulu and Netflix, both live streaming, due to possible agreements between the giant California and some of the leading names in the world TV Stars and Stripes. Among the hypotheses at stake also include the possible emergence of channels devoted exclusively to Apple TV second, which could thus expand the range of solutions available to users.

There are also many rumors concerning the date of arrival, which is between the end of 2012 and early 2013 . The license plate apple revolution, in short, is destined to finish in about a year, during which the company founded by Steve Jobs will sign new agreements with suppliers and launch the production phase of the new TV. According to forecasts, Apple could save about 1.4 million units sold during the first months of life, which is a fairly low percentage compared to 106 million Internet connected TVs that will be sold during 2012.


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