Cloud Antivirus for Android

Cloud Antivirus for Android“Kaspersky Lab” has announced the release of an updated version of the free product Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite for basic protection devices on Android. The solution was introduced in late 2011 and provided a basic level of protection through features such as “Anti-Theft”, filtering calls and SMS-messages. In the updated version of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite enabled cloud antivirus “Antivirus Lite”.

Today, the number of malicious programs for Android are booming. The popularity and the openness of the platform, the relative simplicity of the software development and distribution led to the emergence of many malicious and therefore contamination of mobile devices based on Android. The number of such malware is already about 60% of the total mass of malware for mobile devices.

The “Anti-Lite» as part of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite allows you to check the on-demand downloadable via technology “Check in a cloud.” To ensure rapid response to new threats, this technology uses a network of Kaspersky Security Network. Users of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite is recommended to check all installed software by using the “Anti-Lite», which will achieve a high level of security devices.

For comprehensive protection for mobile devices, “Kaspersky Lab” offers a paid version of the solution – Kaspersky Mobile Security. This product contains a wide range of options to block unwanted calls and messages, remote management, smart phone in case of loss or theft, concealment of sensitive data from prying eyes and protect against malicious software. In particular, full-featured antivirus module automatically scans all new applications by blocking malware. Go to Kaspersky Mobile Security can interface directly from the free version of the product. And all application settings are stored without modification.

Updated Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite and paid version available in the App Store Android Market.

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