Owners of Mobile Phones in Danger

All GSM phones are subject to vulnerability that allows hackers to remotely send messages to them or even make phone calls. Moreover, the phone model and its operating system does not play any significance – The vulnerability was found in the protocol GSM, used by cellular operators.Owners of mobile phones in danger

In a conversation with a reporter Karsten Nohl Reuters , head of the German Research Laboratory Safety, said that such cyber-attacks may be not only isolated but also massive – for a short time can be broken into thousands of machines simultaneously. said Noll,

 None of the networks can not properly protect its subscribers from it 

Of course, the German specialist did not disclose the details of this serious vulnerability, which  incidentally they want to try to reproduce in the laboratory.

Noll said that this vulnerability can be easily removed by the operator using the update software. According to him, the network – The weakest link in the mobile ecosystem, even when compared to the constant threats faced by iOS and Android-devices. The most “reliable” in terms of security, he called the German operator T-Mobile and a French network SFR.


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