EFF to Search for the Secrets of Carrier IQ with Reverse Engineering Software

The  Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in an ongoing attempt to fight against the injustices related to emerging technologies, managed to break and reverse engineer the software Carrier IQ . For those not aware of the situation, Carrier IQ is a rootkit ‘spy’ installed on 150 million smartphones and tablets which, according to the producing company, does not store or transmit the contents of conversations, text messages, emails, photographs, audio and video user, but merely to test the performance, as the energy consumption of an application. But doubts in this regard are many.

EFF to Search for the Secrets of Carrier IQ

Thanks to reverse engineering software, EFF has found that Carrier IQ is the smartphone into three parts: the application itself, a configuration file and a database , where your keystrokes and codes are registered before being sent to the company . Some volunteers, including Jaerd Wierzbicki, I managed to crack the configuration profile and produce an Android application called IQIQ that “spy spying” to find out what exactly is collecting this ambiguous software.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also published an open invitation for people to share their findings using the application IQIQ, in order to understand which personal data have been collected and, hopefully, to decipher the rest of the program. Another objective of EFF is to gather as much information as possible in order to make more visible the offense against the freedom of users. 


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