Anonymous Published Personal Data of 25 Thousand Policemen

Anonymous Published Personal Data of 25 Thousand PolicemenAccording to an information portal News , Austrian  “Anonymous hacker cluster” on Monday released  personal data of almost 25 thousand police officers in Austria on its own page on Twitter. 

In microblogging cell that bears the name of Anon Austria, published information about the names, surnames, dates of birth and home addresses of 24 thousand 938 Austrian police. At the same time hackers will not argue that the information was obtained by a hacker attack on police computers.

“Let’s just say we were given access to them (sources),” – said in a statement Anon Austria.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, in connection with this publication is a full investigation.

A group of hackers known Anonymous, first of all, last year’s attacks on the sites “enemies” of the resource WikiLeaks, as well as the subsequent association with the group LulzSec. Became the latest target sites of the companies Sony, Nintendo, PBS, the U.S. Senate website, the website the CIA, the President and the Government of Brazil and other resources.

The Anonymus not quite correct to call the group because it does not exist an organized structure. So love to call themselves scattered all over the world by hackers, which are sometimes combined to attack the unwanted, the resources or the media.

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