Unlock your iPhone Using Face Detection Software (Video)

Unlock your iPhone Using Face Detection Software

Formerly a feature of the Ice Cream Sandwich, but a developer decided to remove the face detection security tool of the new software Google and iOS. Than that seen in the video, it is now possible to unlock your iPhone looking mobile phone in the “eyes.” It is not clear yet if this is a direct port of the Android operating or an application to tease your friends but it certainly looks very much with it. However, it seems to require more time than that of Android to detect who’s looking even so much that makes it impractical for normal use. The truth is that you will surely find a way to speed up the process.


It should be emphasized however, that many online users commenting on a purported application that is already placed on the App Store and not actually lock the cell and therefore offers no security whatsoever. So attention to what you remove it and if we see something we think is cheating, we can always report it to Apple via the Report.


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