Robots Acquire their Own First Application Store

Robots Acquire their Own Application Store

A company in San Francisco, seeing perhaps the future is coming.Company decided to launch its first online store applications for robots to learn in your old Droid new tricks.

The aims to be a global electronic market apps for robots, which are developed by certified developers from all corners of the earth. Applications will not be going, but are so cheap and the ‘human’ applications. At the moment, the few applications on the site, accessible only beta testers, and include tools that can make the Nao of Aldebaran Robotics brings to you a drink or another to make the Sony Aibo dog’s guardian. The store will hold 30% of revenue, while developers will reap the remaining 70%. To open the gates of normal for the general public, would first be received at least 500 applications.

Robot Apps

The fan of robots, generally exchange their various codes developed for a long time now, but the Elad Inbar, believes that robotic apps will reflect the explosive growth experienced by the Apple App Store and Android Market. The thought that the Inbar, may not be particularly unrealistic, since if the International Federation of Robotics is the correct prediction, then it will sell approximately 9.8 million domestic robots in the period 2011-2014, the value of which corresponds to approximately 4.3 billion dollars. The iRobot, perhaps not long in coming to live finally.

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