Unbelievable Laptop Concepts of the Future

Laptop concepts of the futureComputers have become much more mobile in the last decade. In place of personal computers came laptops, nettops, candy bars, netbooks, tablets, and ultrabooks and even smartphones.

What do you think  laptops will look like in the next ten years? Will they all look like the usual laptops? in this article we represent the laptop concepts of the future.

1:Sony NextepSony

Japanese designer Hiromi Chirico believes that by 2020, laptops will be more like hand-made bracelet that will be of most users. Flexible and touch OLED-displays are ideally suited to either hand, to secure a foothold on it.

In the unfolded form below will be nominated by a holographic keyboard that will not yield to conventional keyboard accuracy and speed dialing. A bulge in the middle of a real projector, which will display an image on any wall, replacing the user to monitor.

The likelihood of such devices is very high, as many of its parts already exist. Now we need time to all of them joined together in a compact device called the Sony Nextep.

2:iWeb 2.0iWeb 2.0

Designer Ian Yongchang said that in the next couple of years now, this model appears – iWeb 2.0 . To compete with pocket tablets, laptops, too, will have a small touch screens, this concept will be the size of 6.5 inches.Because the keyboard is used rarely, it can be hidden, while maintaining compact dimensions iWeb 2.0.

In the expanded form of the keyboard will be handy for those who like to type with both hands, feeling the physical keys under your fingers. The trackball replaces a computer mouse in the middle, although the touch screen it will probably be used much less frequently.

3:Roll-Up Laptoproll_up_laptop

When folded, this laptop concept the future looks more like a tube that is easy to transport. In the unfolded form it resembles a huge mix of tablet and laptop. In the upper surface of the laptop is responsible for the display and the bottom – for the touch keyboard. If it is completely decomposed into a horizontal surface, it becomes a wide tablet.

Incidentally, this decision has already been released under the title, Acer Iconia . So the likelihood of Roll-Up Laptop in the near future is quite high.

Please share your laptop concepts of the future.


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