Samsung is working on a folding laptop

Folding this, fold that.Did you listen about folding laptop. For years we have heard news of folding devices in the works of different technology companies, but we have not yet seen any of them as launch. These folding devices range from smartphones, tablets, portable devices, PC, etc.

Samsung Folding laptop

Among those who try to launch a folding device is  Samsung  . South Korea’s electronic giant has been working on a folding smart phone that is expected to be ready next year. However, emerging news suggests that the technology company also has plans for other devices. According to Korean media, Lee Min-Cheol (vice president of PC marketing at Samsung):

Samsung is collaborating with display manufacturers to develop laptops and folding screens that will not only fold and create, but create a new value and experience, in the midst of changes Market trends for laptops.

More About Folding Laptop

Lee Min-Cheol added that Samsung was also working with other manufacturers on a flexible AMOLED screen for the flexible laptop. There is little real form of PC innovation these days, consumers are tired of most products that are the same and do not add much value. For things to be exciting again, Samsung has to go beyond creating a flexible device and doing something that consumers can find useful.

PCs play a critical role among IT products to increase connectivity with other mobile devices, so we will continue to develop innovative PCs with Partners such as Intel, Microsoft and KT, Lee said.

The electronic giant sells about 3.2 million PCs per year in Korea, USA. UU., China and Brazil, which cover 45 percent of the entire PC market.

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