What is The Future of Smartphones and Tablets

What is The Future of Smartphones and Tablets

In the coming year

– Displays tablets and smartphones receive a high resolution HD and above. 
– Increase the length of the thin devices. 
– Gadgets learn to recognize faces, gestures and gaze users. 
– Cell phones will interact with a large number of consumer electronics and automobiles. 
– 3G/4G and Wi- Fi connection throughout the world will be extended even further.

Most of these items have already come true. This year, Apple introduced and began selling its new iPad tablet with the highest screen resolution – 2048×1536 pixels. Android-smartphone also received HD-display (1280×720 pixels), for example, models: HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Sony Ericsson Xperia S, LG Optimus 4X HD.

Galaxy Nexus learned to recognize individual users to unlock the phone, and now the Galaxy S III monitors the user’s eyes, picking up his comfortable backlight for a specific application.

iPhone is now used as a wireless key for some cars, and even monitors their condition.

However, the duration of the work has not been increased, it still remains a problem for many tablets and smartphones on Android.

After five years

– Tablet PC and smart phones get flexible displays. 
– They will be built in HD-projectors. 
– The screens will have a superior touch panels, and will recognize more than 10 simultaneous keystrokes.  
– There will be little smartphones and tiny gadgets with capacious fuel cells. 
– A technology 5G. 4G standard will be popular all over the world as it is now 3G. 
probability of flexible displays is very high, since Samsung has recently introduced a similar OLED-screen, which worked perfectly.

It is also just around the corner and phones with HD-projectors, since Samsung introduced last year, the first such model, called Beam. But there was a projector with a VGA resolution, and the smartphone has not been particularly popular. 
particularly interested in smart phones and gadgets with a very succinct elements. Unfortunately, Reto Meier does not disclose the characteristics of these cells. I hope that they will be harmless.

After 10 years

– Transparent LCD displays, which will be embedded in the glasses. 
– The complete absence of sensory and physical keyboards.They will come to replace the voice input with perfect speech recognition. 
– The devices will be small enough that they can be embedded in a watch or jewelry, and they will work for years without charge.

It is possible that in ten years we are not familiar to us will use phones, because the technology of the future will simply build a watch or jewelry.

In ten years there will be glasses with built-in LCD display, which will help to see the world more interactive. For example, Google is now developing similar technology, called Glasses. Then does there will be no need for plates, if the Internet can come up with just such points.  

After 20 years

 Interactive score will be reduced to the size of contact lenses, which will project the information directly on the retina. 
– Mind control. 
– Human-computer 
– Internet access is available anywhere in the world. The wires will be abolished, as will be highly developed wireless technology.

It sounds crazy, but Reto Meier claims that after 20 years, humans have gradually move from silicon to biological processors’ computer of the future will resemble the virus rather than a tiny silicon chip. “

As for mind control, it is unlikely that Reto Meier had in mind a special helmet – it will be something more technological and absolutely unimaginable.


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