5 Biggest Drawbacks of the New MacBook Pro Retina

5 Biggest Drawbacks of the New MacBook Pro Retina 1

1. Difficulty of Repair

These screws, parts of Apple’s near-monopoly, and the parts expensive and difficult to replace the malfunctioning, especially new screen Retina.

Also a memory upgrade is a major obstacle of this laptop when it completely out in the future improvements in technology and memory storage.

2. Price

Price $ 2199 for MacBook Pro models actually higher than the lowest affordability of the secondary customer. 

3. The application site and not for the screen customization Retina

Almost all laptops now come with high-resolution screen and there are many websites and applications that are customized to suit the type of display. 

However, the screen of the MacBook Pro Retina is not one “area” is. 

4. Laptop can become “Antiques”

On the one hand, firms are deliberately killing machine with iPad model, but the company also tried to “prolong life for notebook computers with samples such as Air”. 

In addition, the MacBook seems to have converged many features of iPad.

5. Retina screen may soon be cheaper

Currently, the new MacBook laptop is “best” that Apple produced. 

But it seems that other companies are only temporary back waiting for an opportunity.


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