Rumor: A Massive Renovation of the Range of Apple Laptops and Desktops

Apple Laptops Five days before the opening keynote at Apple’s WWDC 2012 , rumors pointing to a massive renovation of the range of apple laptops and desktops  are so insistent that we decided to make “the exception of the week” and to present recent evidence immediately anticipating our new section on Sundays .

As you can see in the picture below you will find the inventory system from Apple seems to have appeared for a while a whopping 28 new product codes with prices and everything, which 9to5Mac guys have kindly complete the models that most likely will match.


 Going by the prices (taking into account that are reflected in Australian dollars) and assuming that the codes are correct and not missing any more, we found a reduction of the range MacBook Pro to only two base models, probably 15 to 17 inches . This would imply the disappearance of 13-inch model for the MacBook Air and its four models (two 11 and two of 13) that would be reduced by $ 100 the price of all its models except the basics.

The iMac is also updated its four basic models of 21.5 and 27 inches, showing a slight reduction in the former and the latter increased, especially in the most powerful model, which would increase $ 200 on the current price.

Finally, the Mac Pro would be renewed at the end after the longest period of unchanged history (685 days, a figure that Apple has no reason to be proud regardless of the innovations that are introduced now) with three models with a scheme similar to the current prices that is likely to involve the disappearance of the Quad-Core model normal (keeping the server version) and a significant reduction in models 8 and 12 cores at each a step down in price.

As for the rest of the codes, we have a new AirPort Express and various accessories including 9to5Mac people dare to glimpse a new SuperDrive and an adapter USB to Ethernet presumably (though at this point all are speculations ) USB 3.0, one of the expected developments of new equipment along with the rumored Retina displays .

Via: 9to5Mac

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